Enhance expertise to support
See how we work with executive teams to develop expertise,
achieve potential and realise big dreams.


Enhance expertise to support self-sufficiency.

See how we work with executive teams to develop expertise,
achieve potential and realise big dreams.


Linea Advance delivers individual and team development programmes, which enhance internal expertise and support self-sufficiency to create winning leaders and competent, knowledgeable management teams.

We support leaders, individually or collectively, regardless of experience, industry, speciality and locality to unlock potential, challenge preconceptions and overcome self-limiting beliefs to make dreams and aspirations a reality. Combining diverse board experience with unparalleled stakeholder engagement capabilities, we devise and implement support programmes, which enhance the skills and behaviours necessary to foster innovation, drive change and deliver sustainable results.

How We Do IT

Leadership Development & Effectiveness

The world marketplace is in continuous flux and organisations face unparalleled challenges. Success in such an environment requires unique and expert leadership. We enhance and empower people at all levels to become inspiring leaders, supporting them to create well-led organisations, which foster teamwork and belonging.

Our services encompass:
  • Team Effectiveness & Alignment
    We define leadership capabilities required to execute organisational strategy. Analyse leaders’ skills and capabilities to determine leadership potential. Finally, we assess group dynamics and effectiveness, enhancing future team performance, through improved alignment to organisational priorities.


  • Leadership Development & Empowerment
    We utilise our expertise as experienced leaders, board directors and master coaches to transform managers and directors into excellent leaders. Our individual, team coaching and mentoring techniques facilitate reflection, self-awareness, behavioural psychology and leadership style assessment in improving leadership expertise.


  • Transformational Leadership
    We support leaders in changing their leadership styles and improving group alignment, so they can successfully navigate their organisations’ through periods of exceptional change, transformation or distress.

Improvement & Accelerated Performance

We assist clients to proactively manage opportunities and threats in complex circumstances to gain and protect competitive advantage. Our specialist coaches facilitate transformation through behavioural and cultural change, training and mentoring individuals or teams in the use and deployment of trusted improvement methodologies.

Our services encompass:
  • Lean Six Sigma
    We support teams to deploy and use Lean Six Sigma to eliminate waste and minimise variation. We encourage customer focus and process efficiency to embed sustainable change and improvement through root-cause analysis, facilitating programmes certified and endorsed by leading qualification bodies.


  • European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
    The EFQM Excellence Model is the globally recognised quality framework for improvement maturity. We support teams to facilitate self-assessment, benchmarking, identification of improvement opportunities and adopt a standard vocabulary through the use and deployment of the EFQM Model as an organisational management system.


  • Effective change management
    We coach individuals and teams to adopt and embrace change to support transformation and drive competitive advantage. Our structured Change Acceptance Model™ ensures the smooth management and transition of projects and programmes.

Who We Work With


Who We Are

“We’re a team that sparks off each other; drawing on our complementary specialisms to develop strong and sustainable outcomes for our clients.”

Margaret Pratt